Future world leaders at Play

Programs are divided into three levels based on age. Each program is different in duration and content, building on the previous year’s experience. Through a mixture of interactive games, group initiatives and practical teachable moments, campers are taught life and camp specific leadership skills. The Leaders start their experience by learning how to build a community. Once they have accomplished working together then they learn how to work with campers and facilitate programs.

Life of a LIT. ( Leader -In-Training)

Leadership campers sleep in 4 person platform tents.  Tent City ( leadership tents) is an off the grid project.  Running water and electricity are a short walk away.  We encourage each camper to please leave all cell phones, ipads, tablets and any other valuables at home.  A large part of the leadership program is valuing what is around you, people, the environment, new situations, new friends without side influences that can take away from the overall experience.  


min age 14 ys

1 week experience

introduction leadership

5-10 hrs of volunteer hrs

general camp program opportunities.


min age 15 ys

2 week experience

leadership and program development.

10-20 hrs of volunteer hrs

3 day 2 night canoe trip - optional pending session


min age 16 ys

1 month experience

camp leadership development.

program facilitation

counselor assistant

20-40 hrs of volunteer hrs

3 day 2 night canoe trip

"Someone really smart once said"

Dont walk behind me as I might not lead.

Don't walk infront of me as I may not follow.

Walk beside me and be my friend.