Alumni                                                     We want You



Calling all former Camp Presqu'ile staff, former Rotarians, former campers and camper families, we want you all.  Please consider helping continue the fine traditions of the place that is so special to all of us Camp Presqu'ile.

What does an Alumni Association do?

Camp Presqu'iles Alumni association will work with the Rotary Camps committee to assist in the camps development.  Taking on Capital projects, camp work weekends,  using individual/group talents to improve/develop areas of camp under the guidance of the camps committee and Camp Director.

How to become a "Friend of Camp" (Alumni)

Simply complete the form attached to this page and send it in to camppresqu' .  Your email address will be used for all future communications.  

Do I need to be a former camper/staff/Rotarian to join the Alumni association?

No, we are currently looking for people whom wish to help make Presqu'ile a better facility for the future.

What type of comittment is required?

Your choice, we just ask that people be realistic in reagrds to the amount of time offered.