About Us

"my camp, my home"

Camp Presqu’ile

Camp Presqu'ile is a unique summer camp located in South Western Ontario that focuses on the camper's development in "spirit, mind and body". Through low camper to staff ratios, campers are able to be members of a community that focuses on fun, fair play and building relationships with fellow campers. From Presqu'ile's humble beginnings in 1929, its commitment to mentorship has kept our focus on our campers.

CQRP and the Quality 8

YMCA Resident Camps of Ontario have developed a set of ‘Camp Quality Recommended Practices’ (CQRP) to guide how we operate as YMCA camps.


The practices cover areas: Camper Care, Customer Service, Program, Marketing and Promotion, Human Resources, Asset Management, Alumni and Financial Development, Camp Services and Management Practices.


Through the research of campers, staff and parents, eight major expectations (the Quality 8) of YMCA camp participants were developed that became the major principles upon which all CQRP’s were based.


You said camp needed to be:

     1.     Fun

     2.     Safe

     3.     A place of friendships

     4.     A place of caring, belonging and responsibility

     5.     Where campers learn and are challenged

     6.     Where campers treasure the natural world

     7.     A place that meets personal life needs

     8.     A place to return to

Camper Accommodations and Facilities

Traditional Campers

          9 cabins able to sleep 10 campers and two staff members.

Leadership Campers

          5 platform tents able to sleep 4 campers.

          private area (Tent City)

Washrooms and Showers

          Renovations completed in 2005.

          Hot water

          Flush toilets


Great Hall

          New dinning hall built in 1999 able to sit over 200.

          Over looking Georgian Bay


The staff at Camp Presqu'ile are a dedicated group of people who are carefully selected for their skills and sincere interest in the positive development of children. They understand the importance of being a friend, teacher and role model for young people. Their experience, commitment and professionalism reflect the high standards and values of our camp.

The safety of your child is our first priority. All our staff are certified in CPR /First Aid and our life guards are NLS National Life Guard Service certified. Plus our low camper to staff ratio ensures your child is carefully supervised.